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Haiti Medical Relief - January 12, 2010 Earthquake

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Re. Haiti Medical Relief - January 12, 2010 earthquake.

Hi: Friends:  CRCL, inc. - Haiti Medical Outreach (HMO)  has been operating a medical clinic and schools in Haiti since 1994 and a dental clinic since 2007 in Arnaud, Haiti . We have been shocked and devastated by the widespread damage and deaths and injuries from the recent earthquake in Port-au-Prince.

We are still assessing the extent of damage to the schools and clinic CRCL operates in Haiti.  We have sent in medical supplies and water filtration system to Diquini, Port-au-Prince to help with the relief effort.  We need your immediate help for this relief operation and the long term reconstruction that will follow.

Two Ways to Donate:
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Send check payable to CRCL-Haiti Mission Outreach, to 563 Brunswick Rd., Suite 11, Grass Valley, CA 95945.
Contacts: . Reg King at (530) 272 4777

Jim Henderson at (530) 477 2501 or

100% of donations go to our Haiti relief program.

Jim Henderson,Esq.      

Project Tent Relief for Haiti
Hi friends and donors: Thank you for your help and interest in our ongoing effort to provide medical and water relief to the Haitians.

On his return from Haiti, Reg King, president of Haiti Mission Outreach, reports the greatest need of the Haitians now, besides ongoing food and pure water supplies, is tents. Yes, tents.  As the attached photo shows thousands of Haitians are living under sheets in the open parks and streets. We would like to ship donated or discounted tents to the Diquini area which is near the epicenter of the quake but the last to receive aid.  

If anyone knows of a company that would donate tents or make them available at a substantial discount, we will take 500 or more over to Haiti next week or soon thereafter.  Thanks for checking on this for us.

Please continue to donate to this worthy cause.



Report from Reg King, president, CRCL-Hait Mission Outreach:

On arrival in Haiti at 6 am on January 21, 2010, the group went to work.  Mimi Batin von Rooyen, an orthopedic surgeon, worked the night shift at the Diquini Adventist Hospital.  The technical team inventoried the hospital generators for repairs, repaired a new sterilizer, poured a concrete pad for a small USAID water filter system.  Over $87,000 (wholesale value) of medicines were separated and delivered to two sites.  Sixty pounds of X-ray photographic film was delivered to the hospital. 

The technical team inspected a 60,000 gallon concrete water storage tank that was built by Haiti Mission Outreach with donor funds in 2001.  It is in tact and a crew started cleaning it and installing high capacity filtration and chlorination equipment at the spring fed pump station.  The hospital will be connected, for the first time in itís 50 year history, to clean, treated water.  The Army Corps of Engineers inspected the hospital last Saturday, January 30, and gave it a safe to occupy report so all the post-op patients lying out in the yard areas are now being moved into the hospital.  


Raoul Eugene is onsite for the next year to work on water and other critical needs.  The water is being used for the Diquini area and some of the outlying population in Carrefour which numbers well over 200,000 people.

Did you know that just days before the quake hit Haiti, God reached out to the people of Por-au-Prince? Over 15,000 young people and church members marched with Bible in hand through the streets of Port-au-Prince. More than 15,000 Bibles were given away during the march. The Traveling Bible left Port-au-Prince on the morning of Jan. 12, towards Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, just hours before the earthquake hit.

January 26, 2010 - Port-au-Prince, Haiti...[Pierre Caporal/IAD Staff]

The Traveling Bible arrived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Jan. 7, just days before the 7-magnitude earthquake hit the city, killing thousands and leaving thousands more homeless. The Bible had previously been in Puerto Rico.

Dozens of Seventh-day Adventist church leaders, government officials and church members welcomed the unique Bible at Toussaint Louverture International Airport's diplomatic room. About 20 members of the media were present to document the event.

The president of the Protestant Federation in Haiti joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church to receive the multi-language Bible, which was hand-delivered by the delegation from Puerto Rico. The Bible was then taken in a caravan through the city of Port-au-Prince for the second of many celebrations.

"It is my privilege to hand you this traveling Bible," said Pastor Jose A. Rodriguez, president of the church in Puerto Rico, as he handed the Bible to Theart St. Pierre, president of the church in Haiti. "We hope that this Bible can be a light to shine and guide Haiti. Read the Bible, Practice the Bible."

Pastor St. Pierre, along with his team of union, fields, institutions and church members, pledged to read the Bible and promote Bible reading throughout Haiti.

Church leaders, members and community leaders participated in transcribing Bible passages and reciting scripture. They also enjoyed a special exhibit of the oldest Bibles in Haiti.

On Saturday, Jan. 9, nearly 3,000 people gathered at the Auditorium of the Bible in Port-au-Prince for a huge celebration. About 120 government officials and religious leaders were invited as special guests. Among them were representatives from the presidential office, the Apostolic Nuncio, the President of the Protestant Federation, a representative of the voodoo church, political leaders and dozens of ministers from other evangelical churches.

Each guest read a Bible passage from the Book of Joel in French or Creole, and each received a special Bible from Adventist leaders. In addition to Bible-themed Sabbath activities, church leaders distributed some 450 Bibles to female inmates and police guards at the Petion-Ville Women's Prison after a special Bible-focused program.

Over 15,000 young people and church members marched with Bible in hand through the streets of Port-au-Prince on Jan. 10. Using loud speakers, leaders invited listeners to read the Bible. More than 15,000 Bibles were given away during the march. In addition, Pathfinders and Pathfinder Master Guides sang special songs about the Bible.

The Traveling Bible left Port-au-Prince on the morning of Jan. 12, towards Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, just hours before the earthquake hit.

Source: Inter-American Division, Seventh-day Adventist Church

 Although the SDA hospital is the only hospital standing in Port-au-Prince, they are so over-worked and crowded that they have to do surgery and post surgical care in the hospital grounds. See picture below. our Haiti Mission Outreach headed by Reg King is restoring power and water supply to this hospital and to the University. To make a donation to the medical relief work CRCL-Haiti Mission Outreach is doing, visit our web site and use our PayPal system. Thanks you very much.